Movie – part two

November 6, 2009


Movie – part one

November 6, 2009

Religion in Africa- task two..

September 12, 2009

Religion in Africa


My background-The power of visual language

My background-The power of visual language


Once upon a time there were some kids. They were down at the pier. Then came a man-eating shark and said, “it´s my birthday today and I need a girl. A curly girl”. He bit one curly girl, softly. Then her dad came…and pulled her and then she got up. But then the shark started to cry and said ” I jussst wanted tooo inviiiite her tooo my biiirthdayyyy”. And then the cirly girl was allowed to go.

Olafia Z. 8 yrs old. 1988.

Task 2 – Background

September 7, 2009

Three Mozambiquan web-newspapers mainpages. What is on in Mozambique? Article shorts translated into English.